Renewable Energy Sourcing Forum

Virtual Collaboration Drives Success

July 27-31, 2020

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The Virtual Smart Energy Decisions Renewable Energy Sourcing Forum is an exciting new platform where renewable energy buyers learn, network and do business. It’s a unique and innovative opportunity to engage with buyers in a focused and productive manner.

The Supplier Forum Experience

Speaker at podium

One to One Meetings

You’ll meet directly with renewable energy buyers and potentially their colleagues who want to hear what you have to say. During our scheduling process, you’ll have the opportunity to match your capabilities with appropriate buyers to ensure your meetings are productive. Our proprietary platform allows you to learn more about buyers’ specific needs and challenges to help ensure productive conversations.

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Engage with Qualified Buyers

When selecting our participants, we work hard to make sure the buyers are well qualified as having an active interest in renewable energy sourcing. We focus on factors such as decision-making authority, timeframe for making a purchase and the types of projects they are interested in. You have access to all of this data so you can avoid mismatches during your one to one meetings. Our goal is always to create the most productive possible experience for supplier sponsors.



Our exclusive easy to use one-to-one meeting scheduling system makes it easy to identify and schedule meetings with buyers that are best suited to your solutions. As buyers come prepared to discuss specific projects and opportunities they’re looking for help with, these conversations are focused and productive.

Watch Below to Hear What Other Suppliers Had to Say About Smart Energy Decisions Forums

Chris Cantone

Commercial Director, Sunpower

"It's the personal touch that you get with customers. The one to one personal meetings is really where the true value is. You can learn an awful lot from your customers and at the end of the day you agree to follow up at a later date."

Rob Federighi

Vice President of Sales, Edison Energy

“There is a high quality of customer executives at the event. The people with the decision making power are who attend and they can rally their organizations to meet their goals.”

Tiffany Menhorn

Business of Development Manager, Enel X

"The Buyers were great! I think what is remarkable about this conference is SED's built and armed them with the right amount of information and really educated these folks into what they are doing in the market place and they have transacted!"

Meet and Network With Energy and Sustainability Leaders

Large power users have attended Smart Energy Decisions Forums including: